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Hi, my name is Prasad Ghangal. I am a software engineer with 7+ years of professional experience participating in the complete product development lifecycle.

  • Open-source enthusiast previously worked with Google Summer of Code.
  • Created and actively maintaining it. Currently, BotKube is used by thousands and organizations and has more than 1k GitHub stars. Acquired by KubeShop in 2022.
  • Led design and development of a few open-source projects - kbrew, msbotbuilder-go SDKs
  • Good working experience with Go, distributed systems, container technologies, Kubernetes, and the cloud-native stack
  • Try to give back to the community by speaking about Kubernetes and cloud-native tools at various meetups and conferences
  • Quick learner and always eager to learn new things
  • Love mountains, you could find awesome photos from the Himalayan treks in the Photography section :) [WIP]

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You can schedule a quick meeting with me with this link if you want to talk about Open-source, Software, mountains, treks, personal finance, or anything in general :)

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